In 2003 I rediscovered the motorcycle. The time was ripe to buy a motorcycle again. For the re-entry should be used one in the lower price segment. After some searching, it is then a Yamaha TDM 850 Year 1991 (3VD) become. It had 30,000 km of the Clock. The previous machine, an MZ ETZ250, I had sold in 1983. So it was a re-entry after 20 years of motorcycle abstinence.
In 2003, I am then also on the lookout for like-minded motorcyclists on the TDM-Forum encountered, which for me is one of the best German speaking motorcycle forums. The 850'er really made a lot of fun, and with the TDM-Forum we have taken very nice trips. Within three years, about 50,000 km are on it came on the 850'er. What is still not alarming for a 3VD, but then in 2005, Yamaha released the TDM900 out with the ABS and then appealed to me already.
So I then changed the bike in 2006 and I switched to a TDM900. The TDM forum I am still loyal to meet and organize an annual regional TDMF. The last one was at Zwota (Vogtland)

digital Photography

Starting with digital photography I have an Olympus C700UZ 2002nd That was a camera with a 10x optical zoom. So one could make, despite the 2MPixel passable pictures. 2007 was followed by a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ1 since ceased with the Olympus mechanical problem.
But actually, I always wanted to upgrade to a SLR camera. 2011, I then bought a Nikon D3100. This is a digital SLR camera in beginner class. The kit lens has a 18-55mm, I still bought a telephoto zoom lens 55-200mm.
Now me, the world of photography available and I can specifically use aperture, focal length and exposure time. In the field of DSLR I'm still a beginner and learn something new all the time.

Last changes

06.10, 2011

New Layout

Today I reworked the layout of my homepage. The old website was was unchanged from the 30th August 2007 online and had to be urgently revised.